Engineering Services

Combine world class optical design and analysis skills with decades of experience building successful products, and you only start to describe the capabilities of our Engineering Services Team.

Meet the Team


With 100+ years of combined engineering experience, many on our staff are widely recognized as experts in their fields.

Major engineering offerings include:

  • integrated lens design
  • optomechanical design and modeling
  • stray light analysis
  • image analysis
  • forensic system analysis

Representative Examples

With decades of experience, our Engineering Services group has amassed know-how in almost every facet of optical design. Below are a selection of examples showing the breadth our experience.

  • Optical system design
  • Imaging and non-imaging systems
  • UV to long-wave IR
  • Coherent beam propagation
  • Stray light analysis
  • Scatter theory modeling
  • Contamination control
  • Thermal self-emission analysis
  • System level forensic analysis and debugging

  • Emitter detector modeling
  • Diffraction
  • Accurate coherent and non-coherent models
  • Extensive human eye analysis
  • System analysis
  • End-to-end optical/mechanical modeling
  • Tolerancing, fabrication and test

Application Experience

Our highly experienced team has worked across a wide array of markets and applications. So while we may have not seen your specific problem in the past, we challenge you to show us a problem we can not solve.

Markets served by Photon Engineering - defense, biomedical, bioprinting, intraocular lens, medical, spectroscopy, helmet mounted display

We Speak Your Language

Working with the same engineering tools as you not only saves time and money, but it guards against mistakes.


Photon Engineering has deep knowledge of common design tools currently being used in Optical Engineering today.

Working Within Your Design Life Cycle

In addition to world class design and analysis skills, Photon Engineering has significant experience and know-how in building “real” products and hardware!


As part of your team, we partner with you to assure your product arrives to market on time and to spec.