About the Company

Photon Engineering LLC is a consulting and software development firm based in Tucson, AZ specializing in all phases of optical engineering: design, analysis and implementation.  Founded in 1997 by Richard Pfisterer and Steve Johnston, Ph.D., Photon Engineering has worked with hundreds of clients worldwide on projects including …  (see more)

Engineering Services

Our consultants are experts in their fields, proficient in all major commercial design and analysis software and have broad-based experience in all phases of optical engineering.  Our engineering services include, optical design of … (see more)

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Optical Engineering Software

Recognized as the expert in the development and application of optical engineering software for solving complex, “real world” optical problems, we have developed the FRED Optical Engineering Software to be the essential tool you need to take your project from a creative concept to a working prototype rapidly and confidently.  The FRED Optical Engineering Software is capable of … (see more)

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Photon Engineering’s tutorials and short courses are specifically designed to educate professionals in the techniques required to produce effective and efficient solutions.  Our range of tutorials and short courses include topics on stray light, physical optics modeling …  (see more)