Zemax file import error

“Unknown file type” error upon import of Zemax lens prescription:

*This item has been addressed in FRED v10.31 and later.

October 26th Zemax Release

As of the 26 October 2010 release of Zemax, the WAVL command in *.zmx files is no longer being written out.  By adding the line

WAVL 4.86E-1 5.87E-1 6.56E-1

to your ANSI version of the ZMX file, it appears that FRED can correctly recognize the file.


September 17th Zemax Release

As of the 17 September 2010 release, multi-language support in Zemax now encodes *.zmx files in Unicode format by default. Versions of FRED up to and including 9.110 don’t recognize Unicode. We’ve since addressed this issue in the development version (9.111) and a permanent fix will be in the next major release.  To address this issue:

1) Make a copy of the *.zmx file to preserve the original

2) Open the *.zmx file in Notepad

3) Choose “Save As” and use the ANSI format option

4) Save back out using the same exact file name

Setting the Zemax ZMX File Encoding preference to ANSI will avoid this issue entirely.


Zemax file import error