Video and OpenGL Problems

Although FRED adheres strictly to the OpenGL standards, the quality of rendering modes can be variable depending on the driver being used.  If you are encountering any video related problems we suggest the following solutions (in this order):

  1. Set the pixel format to “Safe”
    • Open the Visualization tab of your FRED Preferences dialog: Menu > Tools > Preferences > Visualization
    • On the “Pixel format” option, set the value to “Safe”
  2. Choose a new hardware rendering mode
    • Browse to the folder …/Utilities/GLView Utility of your FRED installation
    • Run the GLView.exe utility
    • Find a mode in which the letter cube is not flickering and rolls smoothly
    • In the Visualization tab of the FRED Preferences (Menu > Tools > Preferences > Visualization), set the “Pixel format” option to “User defined” with the value of the mode # from the GLView Utility
    • Restart FRED to initiate the changes
    • Repeat the steps above until you have found a suitable rendering mode
  3. Download and install the latest drivers for your video hardware
    • The most recent drivers for your video hardware are generally available from the card manufacturer or the computer vendor