Surface Height Profiler

This knowledge base article describes a utility which calculates the surface sag for each pixel in a 2D grid placed over the entity’s outer trimming volume. Pixels outside of the trimming volume bounds are populated with “hole” values while pixels inside of the trimming volume bounds are populated with the z-sag for the corresponding (x,y) position on the grid. Positions on the grid for which the surface does not exist are also populated with hole values.

The script utility calculates the sag data for all entities selected on the object tree at the time of execution if the selected entity is a surface. The resulting data grid for each surface is stored in an Analysis Results Node (ARN), displayed in FRED’s chart view as well as in the 3D visualization view for context. It is advised that the ARN(s) be deleted or saved to file after their use is completed.

Surface Height Profiler PDF

Download the plotSurfaceProfile1.frs FRED script

Download the FRED file surfaceHeightProfiler1.frd