Quasi-realtime analysis display in 3D View

Many of our users are aware of the “Show in Visualization View” option available from the Chart pop-up menu after an “Energy” calculation. This feature overlays the results of a calculation at the Analysis Surface position in FRED’s 3D View. In the past, this feature was only available from the GUI by right-clicking in the Chart and selecting the “Show in Visualization View” option. In versions 10.40 and later, a script command ARNDisplayInVisualizationView now allows this process to be automated. As a result, it is now possible to operate FRED with a quasi-realtime display of results. When the attached script is copied into FRED’s Post-Update script editor window (and the appropriate FullName for your Analysis Surface is inserted in line 9), any changes to the system will initiate a new raytrace followed by an irradiance calculation and the result being displayed in the 3D View. Note: The term “quasi” is used since raytrace time will determine how fast the 3D View is updated.

Download the FRED script: post-update.frs