Plotting in Excel using COM

The purpose of this document is to describe two scripts which demonstrate the generation of a Gaussian dataset and a data plotting routine that routes data from FRED to Excel directly via COM.  Although the primary intention of this article is to demonstrate how to plot data in Excel directly from FRED, keep in mind that the COM connection is generic and one can access all of Excel’s functionality for spreadsheet manipulations in addition to accessing the plotting routines.

The FRED document associated with this document contains two embedded scripts:

  1. excelPlotting – This script contains a single subroutine which generically accepts data and labels for plotting.
  2. generateGaussianPlot – This script generates a Gaussian dataset and then calls the excel plotting method from the excelPlotting embedded script as an example of how to implement the plotting routine.

Download the PDF: 2D-Plotting-with-Excel.pdf

Download the FRED script: excelPlotting.frs

Download the FRED file: Plotting-with-Excel.frd