List Surfaces with Assigned Coating

While making FRED models that had many surfaces and a few different coatings applied throughout the system, I noticed that it became very time consuming to verify that all of the coatings are applied to the correct surfaces since it can only be done surface by surface.

The example file that accompanies this document has a basic cassegrain telescope with 2 different coatings applied throughout the system, and an embedded script to identify surfaces with a specific coating, Find Surf with Coating from Menu. Using this script allows the user to check the coatings of the entire system all at once instead of surface by surface, which will greatly reduce the amount of time required to check/verify that all of the coatings have been applied properly.

Download the PDF: List Surfaces with Coating Property

Download the FRED script: Find-Surf-with-Coating-from-Menu.frs

Download the FRED file: Surf-with-Coating.frd