FRED v13.90 Released!

FRED v13.90 Released!

Photon Engineering is please to announce the release of FRED v13.90, now with much expanded and updated lens and glass catalogs giving FRED users access to over 12,000 lenses and 1,500 glass materials from a wide variety of vendors.

Vastly expanded Lens and Glass Catalogs
New glass catalogs, Archer, CDGM, Heraeus, NHG, and RPO were added while the Schott, Ohara, Hoya, Hikari, Sumita and the Custom catalog were all updated with current vendor information.
New lens catalogs, Archer, Ealing, Ross and ThorLabs were added while the CVI Laser Optics, Edmund Optics, Newport, OptoSigma and Rolyn catalogs were all updated with current vendor information.

Raytrace Ray Path Save, Restore and Merge
Raytrace ray path handling has been enhanced to allow file saving/restoration of ray path data as well as path merging from multiple raytraces or from file restoration. This upgrade is significant since path data can now be easily accumulated on systems that necessitate multiple looped raytraces in order to achieve the desired ray statistics in the analysis. It also provides a simple way to save and restore path data for review

Global Script Array Variables
The global script variable types have been extended to allow array data. This enhancement is primarily useful for scripted entities which may need to access array information as lookup tables during the raytrace. Examples of this may include two dimensional coating performance data or three dimensional refractive index data. Previously, users had to come up with creative schemes for hiding the array information somewhere in the FRED document that could be accessed from a script.

Vector Field Resampling
The Spatial Resampling feature has been extended to allow resampling of vector fields in addition to scalar fields. Previously, only scalar fields could be spatially resampled. In this implementation, a new rayset is generated for each of the individually fitted X and/or Y vector field components. An additional script command, SpatiallyResampleVectorField, was added in support of this feature enhancement.

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