Academic Licenses

Photon Engineering believes that its FRED Optical Engineering Software can be a valuable tool for universities both in the classroom and in the lab.  We have several programs available for educators and students designed to make FRED available for academic and research use.


For Educators:

If you are teaching a course and believe that the FRED Optical Engineering Software can be used to enhance the curriculum by providing students with hands on experience using a professionally recognized engineering software tool, contact us today to learn more about our University Gratis Licensing program.

Call 1-520-733-9557 or email


For Students:

If you are a senior-level or graduate student working on a capstone project, thesis or dissertation, you may be eligible for a free full version of FRED.   Potential applicants for the University Gratis Licensing program must first request and evaluate the Demo version in order to establish that FRED can be properly used for their application area.  This process helps to validate the request and eliminate the unnecessary issuing of gratis licenses.  After determining that FRED is suitable for your analysis needs, contact to request a Gratis License application.

For Research:

Photon Engineering recognizes the value of academic research by offering discounts on the FRED Optical Engineering Software to university faculty and staff for research use.