First Order Ghost Analysis

FRED is capable of providing the user with detailed information about arbitrary ghost and scatter paths through an opto-mechanical system.  We simply setup the optics and mechanics with physical property attributes (coatings, materials, scatter models, etc.), setup an appropriate source and tell FRED to keep track of all unique paths through the system during the raytrace.  When the raytrace completes, we can post-process the raytrace path information to extract out the paths which are relevant to our system.

Suppose, however, that we are interested in characterizing the primary ghost paths within an optical system; perhaps our system isn’t completely developed or refined to warrant a lengthy multi-level stray light analysis.  This knowledge base article presents a script which automates an analysis of the primary ghost paths in an imported sequential design.  We start by discussing the procedure for setting up the imported sequential file appropriately for the analysis and then we discuss the script implementation and procedure for running the analysis.

Download the article PDF: First Order Ghost Analysis

Download the FRED Script: firstOrderGhostAnalysis.frs

Download the FRED document file: ghostAnalysisExampleFile.frd