Exhibiting at Photonex, UK, Oct 15-16

Exhibiting at Photonex, UK, Oct 15-16

Photon Engineering will be traveling across the Atlantic to exhibit at Photonex 2014 in Coventry, UK on October 15 & 16. We are at stand E45, and look forward to meeting our UK friends.

We will also be presenting in the associated “Optical Engineering and Design” conference at 11:40 on Wednesday 15th.

Raytracing laser systems, including effects such as beam truncation, speckle and turbulence.

Physical optics modeling requires propagating optical wave fields from a specific radiometric source through complex systems of apertures and reflective or refractive optical components, or even complete instruments or devices, usually to a focal plane or sensor. The model must accurately include the interference and diffraction effects allowed by the polarization and coherence characteristics of both the initial optical wave field and the components and media through which it passes.

We will find that complex ray-tracing of Gaussian beams will play a major role in achieving this goal and will look at some techniques for modeling some specific real-world effects such as truncation of laser beams, speckle phenomena from random phase errors and beam perturbation due to propagation through turbulent media.

Photonex is the UK’s showcase event dedicated to photonics, applied optical equipment, biophotonics, fibre optics, lasers, vision & LIGHT.