Dynamic Result Visualization Using ARNs

The purpose of this file is to demonstrate how to display a result dynamically in the 3D view as a calculation is being performed. In this case, the embedded script applies a stepped rotation and tilt to the lens element so that the source ray is deviated from its collimated direction. Inside of the loop, an analysis results node is repeatedly displayed in the 3D view showing the accumulated results up to the current iteration. The resulting display in the 3D view provides some dynamic capability for showing results as they are calculated.

Please note that this approach is not suitable for all systems because of the delay in updating and/or result calculation. In cases where trace/calculation time is significant, this approach could be modified to write out the results to a set of FGD files and then display them sequentially by reading them in from file.

Download the rotate lens live view FRED document: rotateLensLiveView.frd