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Application Example: Dichroic Cold Mirror

The spectral distribution of a broadband light source is important to many optical systems, from white light illuminators to spectrometers. Color Image analysis in FRED produces visualization of color distribution by calculating chromaticity coordinates of each pixel and displaying the resulting RGB values over the...

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List Surfaces with Assigned Coating

While making FRED models that had many surfaces and a few different coatings applied throughout the system, I noticed that it became very time consuming to verify that all of the coatings are applied to the correct surfaces since it can only be done surface by surface. The example...

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Radial Varying Coating

Coatings can be applied to any surface in FRED, with many different options available.  For specific solutions the user can define a general Script Coating which allows reflection and transmission coefficients to be computed based on ray position, polarization, angle of incidence, wavelength and the...

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Application Example: Polarizers

The term minimalism is also used to describe a trend in design and architecture where in the subject is reduced to its necessary elements. Minimalist design has been highly influenced by Japanese traditional design and architecture. In addition, the work of De Stijl artists is...

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Energy Conservation with Scatter and Coatings

During a raytracing process, rays encounter surfaces that might have a combination of reflection, transmission, absorption and scatter properties that split the rays into various components. FRED allocates flux values to each ray by looking at these surface properties in a specific order. The user...

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