2018 Americas Pricing

**Please note that the prices below are ONLY for the Americas. Please call or email for pricing information outside the Americas.


Includes these features:

  • 25 surface types, 9 curve types and lens, mirror, prism elements
  • 15 primitive solids with boolean operation capability
  • IGES/STEP import and export
  • Lens import from ZEMAX®, CODE V® and OSLO®
  • 7 coating types, including polarization and thickness variations
  • 12 surface scatter models and 2 volume scatter models
  • Non-sequential AND sequential raytracing capability
  • COM capability for server/client communication
  • Multi-threading on up to 4 CPU threads and many more!

FRED Optimum

Includes FRED features, plus:

  • 64-bit architecture for expanded memory access capability
  • Multi-variable optimization capability with multiple local and pseudo-global algorithms
  • Parameter Sensitivity Analysis
  • System Configurations Manager
  • Parameter Pickups
  • Distributed Computing
  • Multi-threading on up to 63 CPU threads


Product No.


FRDAM100 (Standalone)


FRDAM110 (Network)


3-Month Lease

2017 Americas Pricing

Product No.


FRDAM500 (Standalone)


FRDAM510 (Network)



Product No.


FRDAM101 (Standalone)


FRDAM111 (Network)


3-Month Lease

Product No.


FRDAM501 (Standalone)


FRDAM511 (Network)


  • Purchase includes software on CD-ROM and a USB hardware key. Purchase also includes 12 months of software updates and technical support.
  • Shipment will not be made until a completed User Registration Form has been received by Photon Engineering, LLC.

3-Month Lease Information


Option 1: 
Continuous 12-month lease: When FRED is leased for four (4) continuous 3-month periods and a year of updates and technical support at $950 (for standalone version) or $1,100 (for network version) or $1,250 (for Optimum standalone version) or $1,400 (for Optimum network version) is purchased within 30 days of the last 3-month expiration date, Photon Engineering, LLC, will then convert the lease to a permanent copy of FRED or FRED Optimum.


Option 2: 
Lease Buyout: 50% of the 3-month lease cost ($1,125, $1,550 or $1,300, $1,825) will be applied towards the purchase price of FRED if the software purchase is completed within 30 days after the intial 3-month lease expiration date. Upon this lease buyout, the license will convert the lease license to a permanent license.


Payment for each lease period is due and payable at the beginning of each 3-month period.

Prices include 3-month lease of software, updates, and technical support.

To purchase, call 1-520-733-9557 or email