Design Examples

Photon Engineering has partnered with clients on hundreds of successful consulting projects ranging from an observatory spectrometer to a human tissue scanner. The following is a representative sample of systems we have developed.

  • Observatory spectrometer
  • IR re-imaging optics
  • Telescope relay optics
  • Excimer beam homogenizer
  • Phase-shifting interferometer
  • Head mounted display
  • Star tracker baffle
  • LSST stray light analysis
  • Telecentric laser welding lens
  • Interocular lens
  • Head mounted surgical illuminator
  • Solar concentrator
  • Zoom projector lens
  • Observatory baffle design
  • TIR illumination lens
  • VIS and IR laser welding optics
  • Earth resource satellites/sensors
  • Human tissue scanner
  • Ocular Hartmann-Shack system
  • Plastic camera phone lens
  • LED based displays
  • Lightpipes for displays/buttons
  • VIS and IR beam shaping optics
  • Aspheric IR null lens
  • Particle detector optics
  • LCD projector reflector
  • All reflective seeker
  • Assembly line barcode illuminator
  • Fluorescence detection systems
  • Injection molded PC camera lens
  • Laser line generator
  • LED illuminator for light pen
  • TMT stray light analysis

Application Highlight: Stray Light Analysis

  • Optical System Type: Ground-Based Astronomical Observatory
  • Customer Need: Identification and characterization of opto-mechanical system stray light.
  • PE Solution: Developed a fully configurable opto-mechanical system model for raytrace analysis. Concluded that contributions from optical surfaces and the dome interior structures dominate the stray light background. Quantified the percent stray light contribution from each source.